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Be a Rebel ✌️

Obsessing over Rebel Wilson’s new line! Who’s wearing her fab rags? Dress it up or dress it down, that koala magic is a fave from the collection. I...


Smashing Style ??

Adele, we love, love, love your style and the little itty-bitty fact that you just hit 27 MILLION VIEWS on your first day, SMASHING a Vevo record...

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Kute ?

Holy smokin’ hot off the press… Kendall and Kylie have a clothing line! We know our crazy Kardashians will have faves for all shapes and curvaceous...


Fashion, Naturally ?

How would you like to get a pebble from one of these handsome penguins! (Humans give flowers and candy when wooing one another, penguins give smooth...


Socially Serious ?

Europe may ban social media for teens. Whoa. We had to take a breath. Europe of all places, it’s “seemingly” more liberal than ‘Merica with its lax...


Project Perfect ?

Seriously “super like” worthy, Ashley Nell Tipton wins “Project Runway” with first ever Plus-Size Collection! She dishes in an E News exclusive that...


Style Charade is on Top!

Style Charade is the personal style blog of Jennifer Lake. Jennifer os a Chicago-based blogger, who is a colorful and whimsical fashionista. All...


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