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Cinderly is a magically fun tech company for the everyday unicorn. Touted as a "startup to watch," Cinderly is proud to be the most fun you can have on the inter-webs.


Poo Party Poker!

 3 NEW CARD GAMES FOR THE PERFECT PARTY NIGHT! From the makers of Kickstarter’s “Easy to Bake Unicorn Cookbook” comes an epic new...

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New Unicorn Cafe Game!

Cinderly’s iOS App – Unicorn Cafe Cinderly will be releasing it’s new Unicorn Cafe iPhone game! The Kingdom of Cinderly has just opened...

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New Sparkle Invaders Game!

Cinderly’s iOS App – Sparkle Invaders! Cinderly will be releasing it’s new Sparkle Invaders iPhone game! Join the cutest Alien Invader on...


Circus of Cakes

When you need a bright spot, check out Circus of Cakes! Jenna lives in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from blogging about her favorite shops and restaurants...


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