Ariana Grande & John Legend Are Magical

Sparks Fly When Ariana Grande & John Legend Sing Beauty And The Beast

Honestly what a way to start the week. This magical rendition of Beauty and the Beast will wake flowers from the ground on this cold March day. Ariana is dressed like a rose in a couture princess gown to die for, and we are on bended knee looking at John Legends on piano with his royal blue suit coat.

It’s ever a surprise to see these 2 magically transported to the live-action Beauty and the Beast Ballroom, we were enraptured watching the two of these gorgeous stars singing and dancing next to Emma Watson and the beast as the Waltz around the room. We couldn’t be anymore excited for this movie but this video has us on the edge of our seats til the release. Thank you Disney for making this winter magical, it almost makes the cold worth waiting through.

The Disney classic song was originally made famous by Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson back in 1991. And while Céline isn’t lending her famous voice to the live version’s title track, she will still appear on the soundtrack: The legend will be singing an original song entitled “How Does a Moment Last Forever.” Until that’s released though, you can watch Ariana and John’s reimagining of the iconic song for yourself below.

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