A Noble Path


Lucas Stoffel (Artist/Photographer) will be putting together a book and a gallery show to launch in New York City – Summer 2020, entitled The Noble Path.
An opportunity to sublet my apartment for 3 months arose and now I am leaving my home, my job, my friends, my family, my life in New York City to work on a series of photographs for this exhibition
Previous NYC Gallery Show
I will be spending the next 90 days in dedicated meditation, reflecting on each of our places in this world, and reminding myself that I am not alone, that our common joys and struggles are shared experiences.
Planned NYC Exhibition: July 2020
The first 30 days I will be traveling in Malaysia and Indonesia collecting imagery of Buddhist ruins in the region. The next 30 days I will teach a photography class to students in northern Laos with L.E.O.T. foundation. I will also participate in an after-school conversational English program for children and novice monks in Luang Prabang. A portion of the money raised with help the students with tuition and supplies. 

Kickstarter Reward: Handmade Incense

Kickstarter Reward: Handmade Incense
During this time I will take up evening meditation with the monks in the temples.  From my Kickstarter backers, I will gather words of devotion that I can meditate on, sending love and light to you, your intentions, or your loved ones. Each day I will choose a temple and a letter to devote my time to that day. A form will be sent to you to fill out, and over the summer I will send each of you a dedication letter with a photograph of the temple where I was that day.

Kickstarter Reward: Dedication Letter

Kickstarter Reward: Dedication Letter
During the last 30 days, I will travel to  Nepal in search of the birth place of the Buddha while compiling the  book of photography and a translation of my travels through the spirituality of South East Asia, before returning home.

Kickstarter Reward: Handmade Soy Candle

Kickstarter Reward: Handmade Soy Candle
Once back in New York City I will prepare for my next show. I have a gallery in Chelsea that is interested in the exhibition, and I will work with them and a local printer to enlarge my work on glossy metal prints to line the gallery walls combined with text selected from this project.
Kickstarter Reward: Framed Prints
10 ‘New’ Print choices available during fullfillment.
This is where I need your help. Through this Kickstarter I am trying to gather enough money to print the books and the art pieces. I am looking to raise $5000 which is the minimum I need for a group of 20 medium sized prints. If I collect more money then that I will scale up the printing to larger sizes. A portion of this money raised will be allocated as a donation to the community I will be teaching at in Luang Parbang, Laos, Helping children & novice monks afford after-school English classes.

Sample of new photography project on spirituality

Sample of new photography project on spirituality
Part of my project in Laos will be working with the local novice monks to complete a piece on the 1000 reincarnations of Buddha. 
I look forward to hearing from you as I follow this path, and hope to have you along on my journey. You can follow the trip starting January 10th on Instagram @lucasstoffel
Instagram @lucasstoffel – Korean Buddha
*Reward details: For prints a photo selection of 10 different prints (possibly more) will be available during the fulfillment period. Options for framing will also be available during this period. 

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