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Who says mermaids and science can’t mix?! Anna Clapper, a.k.a. Aurelia the Deep Blue Mermaid, started her career as an experimental scientist, so we had to chat with her. We’ve never met a mermaid who was also in STEM! (Those are the fields of science technology, engineering and math, FYI.) Anna tells us all about how her grandfather inspired her to be a mermaid, and what it’s like to go from working in a lab to working in the water. We talk about the overlap between science and mermaiding, and how she started her business as the only professional mermaid in Columbia, South Carolina. Since Anna is also a Red Cross Lifeguard Training Provider, she shares a lot of important tips for staying safe in the water, both as a mermaid and a human.

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Aurelia, The Deep Blue Mermaid

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