10 Mermaid Essentials You Need This Summer

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Mermaid Essentials: The best mermaid accessories and products to spend your summer as a real mermaid!

This summer is your chance to be a real mermaid! We rounded up the absolute best accessories and products to turn you and your friends into a mermazing star, no tail required!


1. Mermaid leggings that can be worn in the water, by Finfolk Productions.

2. Mermaid fins by Mahina Mermaid. Walk on land, soar in the water!

3. Secretly a mermaid kit. All your beach beauty essentials in a holographic pouch.

4. Mermaid one-piece bathing suit. You know, for casual days.

5.Mermaid Forever shirt by Project Aloha.

6. Mermaid make up brushes.

7. Cinderly’s Mermaid Podcast. Hear interviews with real mermaids and keep up on all the news that makes a splash!

8. Glitter Sunscreen, so your skin can sparkle like a mermaid!

9. Mermaid Pool Float. Easy living, on the water’s surface!

10. Mermaid Sunglasses from Claire’s. It sure is bright under the sea!

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Featured image via Finfolk Productions

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